Thursday, November 22, 2007

An update...

Well ladies, I'll level with you. I've been doing too much. Not too much scrapping, just too much of everything else. This will not come as a surprise to some of you and you were probably thinking "How long can she keep going like this?" Well I was going ok, then had some disturbing events on the weekend that threw me a bit and then by Monday I was having a meltdown. Not serious or anything (you know I can be a bit of a drama queen) but basically I wasn't coping with the workload I've been carrying. Thankfully, after a desperate phone call to my Mum to vent, my sister -in-law has come to my rescue and has come to stay to help me with the kids. I have consequently had the opportunity to do a lot of things this week but have still not caught up so this explains why I have not posted as regularly this week. I know we all have those weeks and that I am not alone - this is a crazy time of year.
I am going to Hyden tomorrow for and all day class which I am really looking forward to, to get out of the house and spend time with fellow scrappers. I've got a layout to show that I did a couple of months ago for the benefit of those who will be attending my class tomorrow on 'Stamping on scrapbook layouts'. I used Fontwerks Elsie Flannigan flower stamps and I was really pleased with the results. It's inspired by C.D. Muckosky - one of my favourite scrapbook artists who uses a lot of hand-drawn accents and coloured pencils.

I received some more stock today. Lots more Christmas papers including SEI, Fontwerks, Scrapworks and Paper Salon. I also received the 3 books I was telling you about earlier on in the month; 'Life Artist' by Ali Edwards $49.95, '4 x 6' photos by Creating Keepsakes $34.95 and Becky Higgins new sketches book $52.95 (expensive I know!) They are all good - here's a photo.

Let me know if you want one.

Well that's it for today girls and I'm away tomorrow so I'll post soon. Have a great weekend!

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Gayle Smith said...

Glad you are getting some help to relieve you a bit. Those new books look to get all of them one day.
Have a great day tomorrow.