Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Better late than never...


I want to say a (late) greeting to you all. To those of you who I know, THANK YOU for being my friends throughout the year - new and old - I have enjoyed getting to know you, spending time with you and being inspired by you. To those of you who I don't know (yet) Thank You for visiting my blog - I hope I get to meet some of you someday. I wish you all a very special holiday season spending time with loved ones and making more incredible memories together.
I had a wonderful Christmas day spent with my family and my husbands family, eating lots of good food and celebrating. I took far to many photos but what the heck - I have a license to - I'm a scrapbooker! Only trouble I'll have is picking which ones to scrap. Boxing day has been very relaxing spending time at the beach and enjoying more good food. I love food by the way. I think I'll have to start walking every morning to keep the kg's off.
I apologise for the late greeting. Getting ready to go away and then only having one day in civilisation to get Christmas shopping, food shopping and paying the month end bills was a bit of a challenge that left no time for me to get within ten feet of a computer. I hope to keep in touch each day now as I'm officially on holidays and supposed to be putting my feet up. I'm hoping to scrap of course but cant upload photos to my blog until I get home later on.
I gave my brother his (unfinished) album for Christmas that I have been working on for the last few months and he LOVED it. I was a little worried because he's an arty person and a bit of a perfectionist, but he was very impressed and said he'd give me lots more photos to put in his album plus the stories to go with them. A compliment I think. So i have lots more work to do - but I'm looking forward to it.
I hope to post again soon before New Year, but have a great week anyway.

Friday, December 21, 2007

As promised

As promised I'll share a layout from my brothers album. With these photos, I never knew they exsisted until my Mum showed them to me the other day. The photos were printed from slides that have been stored for more than 30 years. This is an incentive to get your slides printed to photos I reckon, they are priceless. So here's the layout.

Also, I got time to do a quick layout using the photos of my kids playing in puddles - in keeping with the "scrap it straight away so it doesnt get forgotten" philosophy of mine. I used the Basic Grey - Mellow - range of papers, die-cut shapes, chipboard shapes and die-cut letters. These are all fantastic products. I love how the chipboard shapes push out easily and they are self adhesive and stick well. I couldnt believe how well these photos worked with these papers, the colours are perfect. I'd like to use more of these papers when I find the right photos.

I did manage to get some packing done and I've got all day today to finish. Might sneak out to the studio if I get a chance.


Not much scrappin' going on around here...

It's true, I'm sad to say, but even though harvest is over and I'm not cooking for 7 anymore I have less time to scrap. I also find it difficult to update my blog as the kids play up when I sit down to the computer. And then there's the fact that I'd love to show a layout every time I post but I cant because the commissioned family heritage layout I was working on is finished and delivered and you know what? I forgot to take photos of the whole project! So unfortunately I cannot show you what I've done and that was my first heritage project and I was quite happy with it. Sorry!

The next project I'm working on is an album of my brothers life to give to him for Christmas. This is no small job but I discovered a whole lot of photos of him at my Mums and decided it would make a great present as he's one of those people who's hard to buy for. So far I've done about 10 pages and probably got 30 to go, but I'm just going to do as much as I can before Christmas and add to the album later on - might even get some input from him once I give it to him. Journaling is the biggest challenge when doing an album about someone else. With the heritage album I had a family history booklet to work with so it was easy - I just journaled paragraphs straight from the book and added little journal blocks to photos with name, date, place. My brothers album is a bit more challenging. I know him well but can I remember what year it was when he started racing motocross? No and neither can Mum. So I'll ask him afterwards and add the dates later - no harm. It's a reminder to me with my own photos to write information on the back of the photo or write it on a piece of paper and store with the photo or even better still - scrap the photos straight away while the memory is fresh in my mind!

Lately the kids have been a bit stir-crazy - too much time without their father around and a busy mum. When Matt was home on a rare occasion and he was minding the kids, he came and got me and said "Come see this but don't get mad!" I walked around the corner of the house and discovered this... could I get mad? They were squealing and laughing... so I ran and got the camera. Thank God for summer showers that make puddles and happy kids. So precious.

A little more stock has trickled in. This Making Memories desktop organiser is a ripper...think I might have to have one for myself to organise the desktop pig-sty I get when I'm consumed in a project.

I've been checking out some other blog spots lately for inspiration and I found one by Janelle Wind. She's a design team member for Scrapboxx and I've always liked her layouts but lately I'm loving them. She has a knack with mixing random papers and products - clever girl, and she can sew!

Well, today I have to pack for Christmas so hopefully somewhere in there I'll find time to scrap and I think I'm safe to show you layouts from my brothers album - just don't tell him if you know him! So I'll take some photos to show and tell.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas gifts

I'd like to show you a couple of products I have in stock in case you're thinking of dropping a hint to your hubbie or family about what you want for Christmas. If you would not normally buy these things for yourself then maybe someone else could? One lucky lady's hints have paid off as I have had a Dear Husband ring and order pressies - not telling though!

Firstly there's the Clip It Up sticker storage unit. It's a home storage solution rather than a portable one but I think its a revolution. I've always had trouble with sticker storage and having them visible so you use them has been the issue. This clever invention solves the problem - the stickers are safely stored and easy to access and see. You can buy a base unit, then add a top tier and even purchase a cover to go over the whole unit when your not using it to keep it safe from dust. The base unit is $121, the top tier is $77 and the cover is $35.

The next product I want to show you is a storage solution also. The Around The Block storage containers are flat packed and are easy to assemble. There are 6 boxes, all different sizes and colours that are great for storing all your supplies. The set of six is only $29 and very good value at that.

One more item is the Making Memories Runaway (don't you feel like doing that sometimes!) Tote in PINK! This is a fine product. It's made of leather and extremely sturdy. This comes in other colours and have been on the market for a couple of years but this is the first time I've taken the plunge to stock one. It is a ripper. It retails for $259.

I am offering free postage on any items from now until Christmas for anyone who needs some goodies.

Enough sales pitching...I'm working on some commissioned pieces at the moment which I cannot share but will hopefully have something to show soon.

Hope you all have a great day. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh Christmas tree...

The kids and I decorated our Christmas tree on the 2nd of December with the help of my Dad, and Mum took photos. Tonight I was looking at the tree from outside and thought it looked very magical so took a photo. I cant wait to get to Esperance where we will be spending Christmas and New Year so we can drive the kids around looking at all the Christmas lights - it is something I've always wanted to do with my kids so this is the year.

My Christmas party went well on Tuesday. An awesome bunch of ladies attended and we scrapped, ate and shared Christmas cheer. I decided after realising how busy everyone is at this time of year that in 2008 I'm going to hold a Christmas in July party at my studio and get everyone making Christmas cards 6 months early - hopefully more gals will be able to make it. It is sad that it is my last official day for the year but I am looking forward to some time with my family. My ideas for next year are flowing already so I'm looking forward to what 2008 has to bring.

I must mention that even though Tuesday was my last official day for the year, I am still open by appointment for those of you who need supplies for the holidays or last minute Christmas presents. I can do gift vouchers and offer free mail order for any supplies you require. Email me at or phone (08) 98751021. I'll also be around in January and plan on working on a 2008 scrap calendar. Let me know if you'd like to join in. I'm disappointed that a lot of new stock arrived today and there's no chance for me to take it out there and show you all. Here are some photos although they do not do justice of course.

Some of the 'Been There Done That' Australian range of papers and rub-ons...

The KI Memories Love Elsie 'Noel' range...

The KI Memories Pop Culture range...

Prima 'Say It In Crystals' bling flourishes range...

SEI pet dog range...

As usual I don't have the full collection of each range but will be getting more eventually.

Over the next couple of weeks before the year ends I will go through what was hot in 2007 in the scrapbook 'fashion' industry. One thing that has stood out to me is crowns. Mostly produced by Heidi Swapp for Advantus, these crowns add a bit of a DIVA touch to your layouts. Just new in today are these crown clear stamps and journaling spots - cant wait to have a play...

That's it for another day. Feeding 7 adults is a challenge so I need some beauty sleep. By the way, Lis Cassey had her baby today. Not sure of any details yet. Congratulations Lis, Ben and Evangeline!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Another layout...

Wow - 2 days in a row with a layout to show - I'm getting back into the swing of things!
It's been an incredibly busy day. I've now got 7 adults to feed plus the kids - tiring and difficult thinking "what will I make today?" but the end is in sight. My idea of the perfect holiday is eating out for almost every meal because it's something I cant do at Varley. The boys are happy though and feel like Kings with all the food they've been getting. Getting back to my layout, its very predictable so don't get too hopeful, but I'm happy because it's another page done - another memory recorded - after all that's what it's all about. I do wish I had time to sit down and do 'rocket science' layouts. Maybe I'll get time after Christmas. I used Making Memories papers in the Cheeky range which are outdated now but I thought they suited the school theme and I reckon I'm pretty lucky with the school uniform colours that they aren't too frustrating to work with. I'll probably hate red and blue in a few years the same way I hated the mission brown and red that I wore for 7 years of Primary school. I can remember crying day after day all the way to school because I had to wear brown corduroy slacks, a white skivvy and a brown cardigan. I used to think my mum was so cruel making me wear these things and swore if I had a choice I would never wear brown again. I did though later in my early adult years and still do. I can remember saying to my mum in a fit of anger " I wont wear brown when I'm older and I wont have brown bridesmaids!" Incidentally, I did, although I called it chocolate - it was 1999 and chocolate was in. I still like those dresses - but hate that uniform with a passion. I do think it was very kind of the Lake King Primary to choose blue and red and even more so - that they picked shorts and polo shirts instead of silly little dresses that you have to iron - getting a bit carried away aren't I? Sorry - off on another tangent again, back to the it is...

I've been sorting the studio again - not sure how many to expect tomorrow for the wind-up lunch but it's worth the effort to have everything so neat and tidy.

Must go and vacuum then fall into bed. Toodle pip!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A layout to share...

I've been a busy little bee cleaning up and rearranging in my studio for the Christmas lunch this week so havent done alot of scrapping yet. I managed to finish the layout I started using the new Making Memories Noteworthy range. I've loved using pastels for a change - it suits the bedtime theme, and love the diecut edges on the papers - this one has a postage stamp edge. I was inspired by a layout on Scrapboxx by Nic to do this layout with buttons and brads. I've scrapped this photo before for Phoebe's album and this page is for Jetts Album. I find it best to scrap the photos they are both in around the same time so they dont get left out. It's fun doing different layouts using the same photos - one in boyish colours and one in girly colours.

Here's some of the Noteworthy range - looks beautiful in real life.

I've road tested the Making Memories paper trimmer this week. I've been using Fiskars paper trimmers for the last 3 years and have noticed they dont always cut straight. I've tried a few other paper trimmers too and had the same problem. The MM paper trimmer is large (and bulky) because it has a 12" x 12" board to cut and measure on. It also has a magnetic ruler so is handy for measuring. It does fold in half which is the good news. The bad news is that it retails for around $110 so you'd be pretty fussy about straight edges to pay that much but I've been surprised how many girls I've seen who have bought them.

Thats it for today. I'm working on a layout of Phoebes Orientation Day at the moment. Hope you've had a great weekend.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I promise I'm not being a slacker! I really miss scrapping and blogging so hang in there...I will be back in full swing asap. I've been on another shopping trip (food) because the boys are still harvesting - not sure how long to go but still going - maybe a week or two. I'm having withdrawals because I haven't been in my studio for the last few days. I did get some stock in on Wednesday - some Making Memories Noteworthy papers and glitter embellishments. They are to die for in my opinion. I've always loved office stationery and this range is exactly what it reminds me of but its even yummier and I had to start a layout straight away which I'll show when I'm finished.

I'm currently setting up a new computer I bought yesterday. I'm quite illiterate when it comes to these things but I'll figure it out eventually and it will make posting on my blog and other things so much easier. My dinosaur (old computer) has a constant hum which has got louder of late and the screen is fading. It's as slow as dial-up even with satellite internet and full of crap which I don't know how to clean off - so it was time for a newy. I wont know myself when I've changed over fully!

I'm expecting the men home tomorrow (they've been on another farm for 2 weeks) so I'm preparing for an onslaught of hunger and the endless cooking to come. I think I'll sign off and have a slack back tomorrow with photos of new stock and a layout - hopefully!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Christmas Wind-up Lunch
Scrappin' Outback
Henderson Rd, Varley
Tuesday 11th December
9:30 am onwards
Bring a shared Lunch
Drinks provided
Christmas projects on offer
All Welcome

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Still here...

I am still here in the land of the living...only just. My kids are sick and need lots of Mummy time so havent been able to do anything for days.

I did go to Ravensthorpe of Saturday for the day. It was such a great day. I was pleasantly surprised to have 13 ladies attend what was the first of many more visits to Ravy. I had only expected about 6 to attend so obviously stoked with the turn-out. The ladies were all so enthusiastic and their hospitality was second to none! A lovely lady, Terri, organised the venue and rounded everyone up - so thanks Terri, your help is much appreciated. I'll be back in Ravy in February next year.

I've got local ladies coming this morning to scrap so got to get organised but will post again later today hopefully. My mind is buzzing with so many ideas for next year so when I finally get the time I intend to sit done and put my thoughts into action - cant wait!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

So Proud...

My little big girl went to school orientation day today and I was soooo proud. It's probably not meant to be a big deal but when I was told her uniforms were ready and she was welcome to wear them I thought why not give her the new back pack I bought her for Christmas and make it a big deal. She was so excited and had the best day...took to it like a duck to water. She told news at news time and danced and sang and enjoyed every minute. It didnt go off without a hitch though. She was sick on the way to school - a combination of the bowl of milk and cereal she downed before we left and nerves I guess. I had a nice time getting to know the staff and other Mums so it was a great experience...and did I mention how proud I am? I got some wierd looks for snapping away with the camera but figured its a scrapbooking Mums God given right to make the most of a scrapbook moment!

Yesterday was also a great day in Newdegate. There was a smaller group than usual but we wound up the year with a little Christmas party and Christmas projects which were a great success. The little K & Co paper gift boxes really are simple but beautiful and I sold all the sets - hopefully will have more soon. I've been unable to do anything more myself but be sure that when I do I'll show and tell. I'm off to Ravensthorpe on Saturday which I'm looking forward to and this will possibly be my last outing for Scrappin' Outback for this year.
I am having a wind-up lunch and open scrapbook day here on Tuesday the 11th of December and would love it if any of you could come and celebrate with me. I'll keep you posted with more about it soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

New products

Today some more goodies arrived in the mail. The new Scenic Route Roxbury (Christmas themed) and Loveland (Love themed - obviously) papers, stickers and chipboard. They are so nice - definitely eye candy! The colour combinations and patterns are awesome which comes as no surprise as Scenic Route papers sell themselves with their good taste. So far I've loved almost all their ranges so had no hesitation in pre-ordering these. For once I have new releases when the rest of Australia does!

I've just had word that my pre-order of KI Memories new Pop Culture range has hit Australia so I'll show pictures when it arrives. They have this new range of die-cut lace looking card which some of you may not have seen is very interesting - cant wait to use it!

I did a little more work on my 8 x 8 chipboard album today and thought I'd better show photos so the Newdegate girls can see what I'm on about. Still waiting for more photos to finish it. I've used Autumn Leaves Super Star Collection papers and chipboard accents.

I've decided to road test other tools over the next month for you like the cutting matts I was talking about yesterday. I've spent years and too much money finding the perfect tools of trade and thought I'd save you the time and money. I'll let you know what products I think are best - for what my advice is worth - and hopefully come up with some rippers. At the moment I'm trialing the Crop-A-Dile by We R Memory Keepers - a hole punch and eyelet setter in one tool that is really strong and punches through tuff stuff like plastic and chipboard, not just paper. So far I've used the good ol' Printblocks hole punches and eyelet setters that come with 3 sizes. They are good and can be punched anywhere on a page etc. but noisy - a problem when you've got babies! I've also used Fiskars hand punches which are good also but don't punch everywhere on the page - only around the edges. Next came the Provo Craft Silent Setter. This was a revolutionary item that sold in bucket loads. I've had one for a while but find it hurts my wrist with the turn and push to set the eyelet. Not noisy though! So I'll see what the Crop-A-Dile does when I get a chance. I must confess I don't use eyelets much but I think they may make a comeback and the beauty of having the tool is you can punch holes for other embellies like brads etc.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A good find...

I have to tell you about this product I found. It's been available for a little while and I've seen them advertised but I ordered one in to see what it's like - and it's great! I have had a Creative Memories self healing matt for 6 years and I've worn it out. It's always frustrated me that it's only 10" x 12". I've been looking for the perfect cutting matt for years and came across one last year - the C-Thru Ruler Co 15" x 15" cutting matt which was perfect. Only trouble is mine melted in the sun on the dash of my car and it's never been the same since. I've re-ordered these in but they have been unavailable for about 12 months now. From memory that was about $37.50 (I am still trying to get these in!). So because of my dilema I tried the Basic Grey 12" x 12" magnetic cutting matt today and I'm really impressed. Not only is it the perfect size but it has these really strong little magnets that hold your page elements down while you are compiling a layout and it has a long magnet metal ruler too. Have a gander...

This retails for about $55 but it's good value I think and the end to a search for the best cutting matt for me.

I managed to squeeze in a layout today. I used 6 - 5.5" x 3.5" portrait photos all in a row with the new Paper Salon Christmas range of papers. I used some of my favourite products on this layout: Making Memories glitter letters, KI Memories Alphabet soup acrylic letters (which I adhere with Glossy Accents by Ranger - my favourite clear glaze which doubles as a bond - perfect for clear embellies), Fontwerks butterfly wings clear stamps and journal stamp. I also used one of my favourite colour combo's; apple green/pinks/reds and I journaled around the photo collage - a favourite way to journal. I'm really pleased with this layout - so easy and quick (not the best shot of the layout unfortunately).

I have finally made a date to hold a day of classes in Ravensthorpe. This Saturday the 1st of December at the Ambulance centre. So those of you from Lake King and Jerramungup might be interested in coming. Just call or email to book and receive class requirements. Also dont forget the class I'm holding at Newdegate this Wednesday the 28th of November.

Well I think I'd be pushing it to get anything else done today, I have to go and pick up 3000 plastic items up off the kitchen floor so I can make dinner.


What it that? I wonder...sometimes I think that "when I get this done things will get back to normal". Ha! It never does though. Life just seems to go from one crazy phase to another. I guess the silver lining is that life is never dull because if it was I'd be complaining about that. I am going better now - I'm over my meltdown and getting on with things - probably just needed to vent - thanks to all those that listened.
I had a fantastic day at Hyden on Friday. Heaps of girls showed up to do stamping and I think they all enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing friends that I've made through scrapbooking. You girls are all great! Like I said recently at the Hyden retreat, the best thing about being in the scrapbook business is the friends I've made who are all gems. I love having girlfriends with a common interest who can also talk about life and it's challenges. Thanks to all of you.
On the personal scrapbooking front - I haven't done much due to the chaos of the week except for a little more work on an 8" x 8" gift-boxed chipboard album by Fancy Pants that I'm doing up as a Christmas present, and to show at Newdegate next week. It's very boyish and I think it will look great when finished (still waiting for photos to put in it) but cant show you until it's finished. I think this current heat wave has drained the creative juices so hopefully that will break soon.
I also have a very busy week ahead so I'm enjoying a quiet weekend (as quiet as it can be with hyper one and four year olds!) at home and due to a harvest ban Matt is here to although you wouldn't know it as he's resting on the couch and resting from parenting too. Wish I could do that occasionally!
No more news for now. Hope you're all having a great weekend. Stay cool!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

An update...

Well ladies, I'll level with you. I've been doing too much. Not too much scrapping, just too much of everything else. This will not come as a surprise to some of you and you were probably thinking "How long can she keep going like this?" Well I was going ok, then had some disturbing events on the weekend that threw me a bit and then by Monday I was having a meltdown. Not serious or anything (you know I can be a bit of a drama queen) but basically I wasn't coping with the workload I've been carrying. Thankfully, after a desperate phone call to my Mum to vent, my sister -in-law has come to my rescue and has come to stay to help me with the kids. I have consequently had the opportunity to do a lot of things this week but have still not caught up so this explains why I have not posted as regularly this week. I know we all have those weeks and that I am not alone - this is a crazy time of year.
I am going to Hyden tomorrow for and all day class which I am really looking forward to, to get out of the house and spend time with fellow scrappers. I've got a layout to show that I did a couple of months ago for the benefit of those who will be attending my class tomorrow on 'Stamping on scrapbook layouts'. I used Fontwerks Elsie Flannigan flower stamps and I was really pleased with the results. It's inspired by C.D. Muckosky - one of my favourite scrapbook artists who uses a lot of hand-drawn accents and coloured pencils.

I received some more stock today. Lots more Christmas papers including SEI, Fontwerks, Scrapworks and Paper Salon. I also received the 3 books I was telling you about earlier on in the month; 'Life Artist' by Ali Edwards $49.95, '4 x 6' photos by Creating Keepsakes $34.95 and Becky Higgins new sketches book $52.95 (expensive I know!) They are all good - here's a photo.

Let me know if you want one.

Well that's it for today girls and I'm away tomorrow so I'll post soon. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A layout to share

Actually 2 layouts to share. I did one yesterday and one today. Yesterday went pear shaped when I spent from 4:30pm to 10:30pm on the phone so no post sorry. Today I had local scrappers over and had the pleasure of two ladies company as well as kids to play with my kids - everyones happy and I had a day off cooking - yay!

My first layout was of some 12 month old photos I printed off and scrapped using paper I've had for a while - quite pleased with the results. The papers are by Scenic Route and more felt shapes - no surprises there.

My second layout is once again of photos that are 12 months old and once again on older papers - these are Sassa Frass lass. I used Doodle Bug paper frills (die cut paper strips that look like ribbon) and some cute brads and Heidi Swapp Acetate letters. The paper is very busy but thought I could get away with it using such bold photos.

I'm currently working on Christmas projects too, ready for classes which I'll show when finished.

This Friday (the 23rd of November) I'm holding a all day and night workshop and social scrapping at Hyden in the Telecentre. Lots of girls have booked in so it should be great fun. You're welcome to come if you can!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some more layouts...

Today I was fortunate enough to do some scrapping although there were many other more pressing things to do...but what the heck, those jobs are still there waiting to be done. I decided to scrap the photos of our new dog, Dora, straight away. Usually when an event like this happens I procrastinate for so long that the photos never get scrapped or they do a long time later when the memories are no longer fresh in my mind. Alli Paterson once said that she only scraps photos taken in the last 3 months. So I figured I'd better do 'em.

On Jett's page I used a very predictable layout of the photos, grouped into a rectangle (yep that's me) but I used an obscure combination of stuff. I used Love Elsie embossed purple paper for the background - purple is a colour that I rarely use. I also used it with vintage cream and black scalloped paper. Dont ask me how I came up with this combination because I couldn't tell you. Once it was done I didnt think it was so bad even if it's not my usual style.

I also used the Scenic Route date chip circle. I'm loving these at the moment - all of the different themes you can get in them.

On Phoebe's page I used Sugar Coated black card by Doodle Bug for the background. I also used white scalloped paper (surprise surprise) and more of the Fancy Pants felt shapes. Once again it's predictable but at least I'm getting them done!

So that it in the scrapping department for another day. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finally found time...

So I got around to finishing the layout I was talking about - the one using the Love Elsie range. It's kind of how I imagined it, maybe not enough contrastthough. Not sure if it needs a title yet...I seem to have a bold title on every page but the background paper says it all on this one.

I used Love Elsie - Roxie rub-on's, a Lil Davis chipboard scalloped circle (my new favourite product), a Bazzill scalloped heart cardstock with the centre cut out and a mini sewing machine which was a bit hard to get used to but I love it because it's compact and simple to use.

So here are some photos of the new addition to the family. Dora is a really nice little pup - she hasn't destroyed everything in sight...yet.

Here are the new Paper Salon Christmas papers I mentioned earlier today. The patterned paper in the middle has glitter on it which is what Christmas products are all about this year - lots of sparkle!

I must apologise to those of you who may be bothered by all the personal news I bring to the blog. Because of the nature of my business it is hard to come up with news every day that is purely business related and my business is my life, as are the farm and my kids, my faith and family. It is all linked together. By the way...i reckon I have a dream job - working from home with my dream hobby!

Toodle pip! (goodbye)

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

So I got home, unpacked, fed the new dog 'Dora' (she's settled in well - even the boys are smitten with her!),did some urgent office work, watered the wilting plants, made dinner and then fell in a heap. So I didn't get to finish the layout - maybe today if I can get it together. Only trouble is I can't upload photos at this moment but hopefully will sort it out today to show a photo of 'Dora'.
Got a parcel yesterday - just some top-ups of stock but in there is some Christmas papers from Paper Salon and they are to die for! Very groovy.
I'll be back later on today...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Be back soon...

I'm currently in Esperance on another mission to stock up on food, cant believe it's only been a fortnight since my last trip and how much food we've - the boys - have consumed in that time. They claim it's my fault for feeding them too much but I don't get anything back when I send out containers so I wont take the blame entirely! I had a blissful meal tonight that I didn't have to cook - which is heaven.

I started a layout at 7:00am today while waiting for the kids to wake up. It's a single photo layout using the new (not really new anymore) Love Elsie range by KI Memories. Never thought I'd use this range but now that I've taken the dive I cant believe how much I like it. It's very bold and bright and 'freestyle' which is out of my comfort zone (the 'freestyle' I mean - not the bold and bright) but I'm loving it. I'll post it when I get home and get the journaling on.

On Sunday we had a fatal accident. Someone was visiting and accidently ran over our 5 month old Jack Russell - Wags the dog. It was very upseting and especially for Jett who was his best friend. He wanders around the back yard looking for his playmate, not knowing what to do with himself. Sad, I know. Well Matt and I made the decision that our kids need a bit of company - being a little deprived of that - so we searched for a new pup and found a cute Border-Collie, Jack Russell cross. We picked her up today and at this stage the name 'Dora' has stuck with Phoebe but we'll see when we get home. She's very cute and has been a hit already - Jett is stoked and besotted - got a new playmate. Phoebe is currently trying to go to sleep but cant with the excitment of it all!

I'm staying at Mum's house and she has caught the scrapbooking bug. She's got it set-up in her office now and has lost interest in cooking meals and going to work. She has even repositioned the TV in the living room so she can glance at it occasionally. Sound familiar? I can remember catching it too and dreaming about scrapbooking at night and when I was supposed to be thinking about other things - much to my husbands dismay. Unfortunately or fortunately 6 years later it hasnt worn off - it's like an addiction that I dont want to be freed from. All you sensible girls out there probably dont have these problems - only freaks like me...Ha!

Enough carry-on. Toodle-pip!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A quicky...

I managed to fit in a quick layout (you know how I like quick ones) inbetween meals and taking Phoebs to school to enrol her (YIPEE!), using those gorgeous felt shapes I showed you. I got the sketch from scrapboxx, printed out some photos that needed to be scrapped that were almost 12 months old and there you go - Bob's your it is...

...and some close-ups...

Notice the photos are improving? My friend Gayle helped me with a few new moves...thanks Gayle.

Off to do never ends as I'm sure all of you know. Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today was a great day, had lunches ready on time then some locals girls turned up to scrap...a lovely surprise - so good to have female company! I didn't achieve heaps but enjoyed the company, thanks girls. I also heard from my friend Bernadette who's been on a scrapbooking fast for a couple of months do study and prepare for she finished her exams today and is coming up next week to scrap...YAY!

I did find a little time to do some preperation for Christmas projects. The K & Company paper-crafting pads turned up yesterday and I've made up some samples for classes at Newdegate. They are so cute and I've already decided who I'm going to give them to and whats going to be in them! Check them out...

I'll have to order some more asap though...I think they are going to be a hit and a friend bought a whole pack off me today! I'm also working on a gift boxed mini album and got a few other little bit and pieces up my sleeve. This could be fun.

Today I'm loving new felt ribbon from Queen & co - it's a goody now that it's self adhesive.

Another dodgy photo sorry...still figuring this out!

Catch you soon.