Sunday, November 25, 2007


What it that? I wonder...sometimes I think that "when I get this done things will get back to normal". Ha! It never does though. Life just seems to go from one crazy phase to another. I guess the silver lining is that life is never dull because if it was I'd be complaining about that. I am going better now - I'm over my meltdown and getting on with things - probably just needed to vent - thanks to all those that listened.
I had a fantastic day at Hyden on Friday. Heaps of girls showed up to do stamping and I think they all enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing friends that I've made through scrapbooking. You girls are all great! Like I said recently at the Hyden retreat, the best thing about being in the scrapbook business is the friends I've made who are all gems. I love having girlfriends with a common interest who can also talk about life and it's challenges. Thanks to all of you.
On the personal scrapbooking front - I haven't done much due to the chaos of the week except for a little more work on an 8" x 8" gift-boxed chipboard album by Fancy Pants that I'm doing up as a Christmas present, and to show at Newdegate next week. It's very boyish and I think it will look great when finished (still waiting for photos to put in it) but cant show you until it's finished. I think this current heat wave has drained the creative juices so hopefully that will break soon.
I also have a very busy week ahead so I'm enjoying a quiet weekend (as quiet as it can be with hyper one and four year olds!) at home and due to a harvest ban Matt is here to although you wouldn't know it as he's resting on the couch and resting from parenting too. Wish I could do that occasionally!
No more news for now. Hope you're all having a great weekend. Stay cool!

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