Thursday, November 15, 2007

Be back soon...

I'm currently in Esperance on another mission to stock up on food, cant believe it's only been a fortnight since my last trip and how much food we've - the boys - have consumed in that time. They claim it's my fault for feeding them too much but I don't get anything back when I send out containers so I wont take the blame entirely! I had a blissful meal tonight that I didn't have to cook - which is heaven.

I started a layout at 7:00am today while waiting for the kids to wake up. It's a single photo layout using the new (not really new anymore) Love Elsie range by KI Memories. Never thought I'd use this range but now that I've taken the dive I cant believe how much I like it. It's very bold and bright and 'freestyle' which is out of my comfort zone (the 'freestyle' I mean - not the bold and bright) but I'm loving it. I'll post it when I get home and get the journaling on.

On Sunday we had a fatal accident. Someone was visiting and accidently ran over our 5 month old Jack Russell - Wags the dog. It was very upseting and especially for Jett who was his best friend. He wanders around the back yard looking for his playmate, not knowing what to do with himself. Sad, I know. Well Matt and I made the decision that our kids need a bit of company - being a little deprived of that - so we searched for a new pup and found a cute Border-Collie, Jack Russell cross. We picked her up today and at this stage the name 'Dora' has stuck with Phoebe but we'll see when we get home. She's very cute and has been a hit already - Jett is stoked and besotted - got a new playmate. Phoebe is currently trying to go to sleep but cant with the excitment of it all!

I'm staying at Mum's house and she has caught the scrapbooking bug. She's got it set-up in her office now and has lost interest in cooking meals and going to work. She has even repositioned the TV in the living room so she can glance at it occasionally. Sound familiar? I can remember catching it too and dreaming about scrapbooking at night and when I was supposed to be thinking about other things - much to my husbands dismay. Unfortunately or fortunately 6 years later it hasnt worn off - it's like an addiction that I dont want to be freed from. All you sensible girls out there probably dont have these problems - only freaks like me...Ha!

Enough carry-on. Toodle-pip!


Sharon Manning said...

Oh Dear - Sorry to hear about the Jack Russell....I ran over a friends Jack Russell the other year so maybe they are known for liking big round black things..LOL..I did feel terrible though..horrible feeling.
Say Hi to your Mum for me!
Look forward to seeing your LO when you get home. are doing a fabulous job with this blog!!!!!!!

Alli said...

oh no, wags was so cute, have you finished his album yet?

glad the kids are loving Dora :)

Gayle Smith said...

Great post Karen!
Sorry to hear about Wags...hopefully this new one won't be as psyco hey!
Funny about your mum...yes I remember being just like that...Murray HATED it! Hows Dad going with it...does he mind?

Anonymous said...

So Sorry to hear about little Wags. It is always so hard on the kids when they lose a little mate.
Way to go Sue! Join the Club of Scrap Addicts I say!