Friday, November 9, 2007

Back from Newdegate

Well it's the morning after my trek to Newdegate and I'm tired but still on a high. There were 12 of us all together and I had sooo much fun. I couldn't believe Anna and Sharon drove all the way from Narrogin (2 hours) to come to my classes! It was so nice to see you girls (haven' seen them since March retreat earlier this year). It always amazes me how every time I go to Newdegate I worry about my layouts not being technical enough, but the girls are always very keen, love the classes and the end results (the stamps were a hit - especially the Fancy Pants one's). I always have so much fun and really enjoy going. So thanks girls for a great day. I'm back in Newdegate on Wednesday the 28th of November (note the change of date from the 29th to the 28th) to do Christmas projects - mostly off the page stuff. I'm hoping to work like a busy bee over the next couple of weeks to have 6 projects on offer. I'll be posting photos of the projects as I complete them so stay tuned.
I'm also endeavouring to get to Ravensthorpe this month...I'm working on it girls...just have to organise a babysitter.
And I would like to get to Jerry - can I have 45 days in this month please? there's so much I want to do.

I have been working on a layout but it's not quite finished. I hope to post it later on today. It's another version of Alli Paterson's 'Christmas Traditions' layout and I love, love, love it! I'm getting really good mileage out of that class...think I might do the last 6 Christmas's in that format with different papers. Thanks Alli for such inspirational work!

I'm off to make lunch for the boys, the poor things got dinner at 8 o'clock last night due to my big day out so I better make an effort today.

Toodle pip!


Sharon Manning said...

You are one busy lady Karen - I really don't know how you do it! Loving what you do always helps and I know you love it to bits.
Can't wait to see your projects!

Alli said...

well you know after I did that class with the girls I sat down and set one up for this Christmas's photos.. I am going to have 2007's christmas layouts done on the day!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you are getting good mileage out of it, I really try and do something that can be adaptable to any event and any paper but is really straight forward and fun to do, because in an hour you can knock out a double page from start to finish, it's great when you need that scrapping fix