Monday, March 31, 2008


Yes, thats right folks. This was by far the best retreat we've ever had in Hyden. We had an amazing turn out of 56 ladies who all had a wonderful time. We had some laughs, worked hard at having alot of fun and did lots of scrapbooking too of course! Today, reality bites...theres so much to do at home but thats ok because I've had my fun.

My Phoebe and Jett grew up while I was away. Jett has lots of new words and Phoebe has drawn things I never knew she this snail who she says has his big house on his back...

Seeing Phoebe arrive on Sunday afternoon with Fridays hair-do was not an anal mothers ideal preference but shes alive and beautiful just the same! And hearing what Matt and the kids got up to while I was away was interesting to say the least - just as well i didnt know at the time!

I'll write more soon...have to unpack and clean-up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My kids are feral...

Sometimes they are! A mothers best efforts to stage an Easter egg hunt do not always go to was the case for this Mother. Firstly it rained on Easter Sunday, but by the time I was ready to set it up the kids had trashed their 'photo shoot' outfits. So I left it until Easter Monday (my kids are too young to notice the difference) and we pulled it off but it went so fast I couldnt get the 'perfect' photo. None-the-less I have the event recorded and it was so much fun once they firgured out what they were surposed to be doing - they had never had an egg hunt before. Dont think I'm going to get a layout done this week - too much to do before the retreat...only 3 sleeps left! Thats all for today...just got lots of packing to do.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you. I hope its safe and memorable. I am on a brief weekend break in Esperance with my family - no plans or engagements - just there's only 6 sleeps to go til the retreat! Yes that's right, I need all the rest I can get as I'll be flat out this week and next weekend. I'm so excited...we have 52 guests attending the retreat - the most we've ever had. I cant wait! Matt and I are busy drawing up plans of how to set up the hall to fit everyone in comfortably...gee he's a good husband isn't he?!

As far as Easter goes, the Easter bunny visited Phoebe's school on Thursday and left huge footprints through her classroom and eggs in her draw - how cute is that? I was amazed when I arrived at school to pick her up and discovered what had happened - no wonder school is one big field day to her! I'm planning an egg hunt tomorrow - haven't done one before. I'm going to follow the kids around with the camera - a scrapbook moment of course! I've even thought of what the kids will wear so the photos are just right - crazy Mama, I know. I hope I can pull it off.

I hope I have some photos to share soon - I wish I could fit in an Easter layout before the retreat..we'll see.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Yep. I did a blatant scraplift of Mardi Winen's layout on Scrapboxx about my new coffee machine and how its turned me into a coffee snob. Mind you no-one who has been here recently has complained about getting real coffee so I guess that makes it ok. I loved using some more Fancy Pants felt which I love.

I also got another holiday layout done today about our flight to Christmas Island. I used felt on this layout too and threaded some ribbon into the felt photo corner with some Junkitz Destinations felt pieces to finish.

I'm happy with today's effort although I must admit it took me all day to get into the studio then it took about 30 minutes to complete the layout, I have no problem with that.

Bye for today!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

By the way...

I found time to photograph my Cocos Island layout. We'll be doing this on Wednesday at Newdegate...

Papers and embellies are by Imaginisce - Shore Thing. I used Fancy Pants felt and the Cricut for my title. How do you like my cute kid with long hair?

Hi girls!

Still haven't had a chance to scrap but I did take some photos of new stock to show... Firstly the We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather Albums...tdf...

...and the K and Co journal Spots, Urban Rhapsody bits and pieces, and Wild Saffron embellies...

I'm working on a layout in my head so hopefully will get time to create today as well as sorting more stock and class kits.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh My Goodness!

You should see how much stock has arrived. The mail lady rang in a panic the other day because she could not fit all my parcels in the delivery car so she had to spread it out over a couple of days and there's still's a preview...

One of the hottest items are the new Classic Leather ring bound albums by We R Memory Keepers. They are to die for. I've got them in most colours - which are yum - and my husband told me to order more - must be good hey?!

Also, some to die for K and Co - no surprises there. Seriously, some of the new stuff is incredible like journaling spots that have lace die-cut edges and are beautiful colours - cant describe them...I'll have to take a photo.
The class kits are coming along nicely. They are so beautiful in real life...great colours...your going to love them (those of you who are coming - sorry, not intending to rub it in if you aren't!)

No time to scrap today. I had to attend a Better Farm Integrated Quality course (for the farm) and it felt like being in school again - that was so long ago for me! It has to be done though, after all the farm is our livelihood - unlike scrapbooking where I spend more than I make!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

I know everyone is busy these days and so am I but not busy do what I yearn to do...scrapbooking! I'd love to sink my teeth into something creative but there is always so much other stuff to do. I have been unpacking boxes of new stock for the retreat which always puts a smile on my face and I've been putting together class kits. This is so much fun which my husband does not understand - its just eye candy to a scrapbooker - I have the best job I know!

I did manage a layout today with my local scrapbookers. I used the new Imaginisce Shore Thing range which is very summery and cute. It features ice cream, water, cosies (bathers) and little penguins in swimmers - very cartoonish and fun for a change. I'll have to take a better photo in daylight but here's a preview.

One of the other new ranges in is Making Memories Garden Party which is an Easter/spring range in pastels. It's the first of this years Easter ranges for my shop. I've got a few other Easter knick knacks coming in but its so early this year!

That's all for today folks - sorry I haven't got more news!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've been so busy taking applications for the retreat! It looks like we could end up with 50 ladies which is the best ever for our humble little country town. I've been glued to the computer ordering stock and answering emails. I love this time - its so nice to be busy doing something you love.

Also, I've been scrapping a little. I'm using Alli's formula for quick and easy pages to do a whole album on our recent family holiday. Already I've done 4 double layouts and only stopped because I ran out of photo paper. Don't underestimate this class - its going to be great, and revolutionary I think. As much as I love the craft and enjoy spending hours pouring over a page picking, choosing, arranging, rearranging and so on, I have to admit that there are so many events I haven't scrapped because they've seemed too big or too hard. This simple formula makes it so easy and the end results are rewarding because you have so much done in so little time. The local girls who scrap here on Tuesdays were saying how you can use one layout sketch to do so many layouts and they all look different but are so easy. That's my type of scrapping these days. I cant show what I've done yet - don't want to give too much away - but I will show you the finished project in time.

New stock has already started arriving for the retreat and it's to die for. I'll take some photos when I get it unpacked. Gee, I think I'll be permanently broke but what the heck?!

Bye for now. P.S. If your coming to the retreat and haven't received your requirements, let me know and I'll forward them to you.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

More Sneak Peaks...

Here they are...Alli and Gayles sneak peaks...Alli's first...

And Gayles...

Exciting arent they? I must say you girls are in for a treat. Sharon, Alli and Gayle have got some great stuff lined up so if you havent already booked in for this retreat, you should do so or you'll miss out!