Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making memories

Hi there! I'm still in the land of the living. We are on holidays, finally, on a road trip to South Australia. I figured it would be ok to blog about our trip because scrapbooking is all about the memories we make to scrap after all. I have realised I was getting caught up in the process of scrapbooking rather than the reason for doing it! So here are a few photos of what we have been up to.

Firstly, we had to finish harvest which was all over by the 5th of January. This was our last day...

Then on the 8th we left for our trip and camped at the Johnson lakes (west of Norseman) for the first night.

We stayed at the Madura pass on the next night but woke during the night to keep driving as it was too hot to sleep. We watched the sun rise from the Eucla cliffs (the Great Australian Bight) and had breakfast on the cliffs. This memory is priceless and we are hoping to make this a family tradition as we go the SA every couple of years to see Matt's Nana and extended family.

Since then we have been driving still and here are photos of us in our temporary home (the car). We look quite relaxed dont we?

We are now in Streaky Bay have a rest, soaking up the sun and enjoying family time away from work. I hope you are all busy making memories too!