Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some more layouts...

Today I was fortunate enough to do some scrapping although there were many other more pressing things to do...but what the heck, those jobs are still there waiting to be done. I decided to scrap the photos of our new dog, Dora, straight away. Usually when an event like this happens I procrastinate for so long that the photos never get scrapped or they do a long time later when the memories are no longer fresh in my mind. Alli Paterson once said that she only scraps photos taken in the last 3 months. So I figured I'd better do 'em.

On Jett's page I used a very predictable layout of the photos, grouped into a rectangle (yep that's me) but I used an obscure combination of stuff. I used Love Elsie embossed purple paper for the background - purple is a colour that I rarely use. I also used it with vintage cream and black scalloped paper. Dont ask me how I came up with this combination because I couldn't tell you. Once it was done I didnt think it was so bad even if it's not my usual style.

I also used the Scenic Route date chip circle. I'm loving these at the moment - all of the different themes you can get in them.

On Phoebe's page I used Sugar Coated black card by Doodle Bug for the background. I also used white scalloped paper (surprise surprise) and more of the Fancy Pants felt shapes. Once again it's predictable but at least I'm getting them done!

So that it in the scrapping department for another day. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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Gayle Smith said...

they look great Karen! Love that embossed paper in Jetts.