Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm back...

Sorry for the lapse in time, once again since the last post. It has been a very busy few weeks to say the least. The 9th Wave Rock Scrapbooking Retreat is now over and today we packed away the last of the stock and equipment from the retreat. It was monumental this time...60 ladies, 3 days, warm weather, lots of laughs and happy tears and many more friendships made...truly a fantastic time - in my opinion and in all who I have spoken to since. I am so pleased and although tired beyond description, I am very happy. I am so pleased to have met some new girls who love to scrap - one of the things we have in common that brings us together, stoked to have caught up with old friends and I am still cracking up when I think about our celebrities 'Kath and Kim' who graced us with their company on Saturday night. Thank you to all of you who came to make it as memorable as it was and especially to out tutors and helpers who made it so good. I must also mention my husband who committed himself to making it better than ever - I am indebted to him.
Unfortunately I do not have photos to show but you will find more interesting bits about the retreat from the tutors blogs (in the side bar) and also I don't have any layouts to show...but I am about to print some photos of my own to do the class layouts. Now that all the hard work is done and the fun is over I may find some time to scrap as well...well here's hoping! Amy, my assistant is off for a few weeks to get married! so I will be working full time and intend to get creative and messy again...cant wait!
That's all for back when I have some news.