Monday, December 10, 2007

Another layout...

Wow - 2 days in a row with a layout to show - I'm getting back into the swing of things!
It's been an incredibly busy day. I've now got 7 adults to feed plus the kids - tiring and difficult thinking "what will I make today?" but the end is in sight. My idea of the perfect holiday is eating out for almost every meal because it's something I cant do at Varley. The boys are happy though and feel like Kings with all the food they've been getting. Getting back to my layout, its very predictable so don't get too hopeful, but I'm happy because it's another page done - another memory recorded - after all that's what it's all about. I do wish I had time to sit down and do 'rocket science' layouts. Maybe I'll get time after Christmas. I used Making Memories papers in the Cheeky range which are outdated now but I thought they suited the school theme and I reckon I'm pretty lucky with the school uniform colours that they aren't too frustrating to work with. I'll probably hate red and blue in a few years the same way I hated the mission brown and red that I wore for 7 years of Primary school. I can remember crying day after day all the way to school because I had to wear brown corduroy slacks, a white skivvy and a brown cardigan. I used to think my mum was so cruel making me wear these things and swore if I had a choice I would never wear brown again. I did though later in my early adult years and still do. I can remember saying to my mum in a fit of anger " I wont wear brown when I'm older and I wont have brown bridesmaids!" Incidentally, I did, although I called it chocolate - it was 1999 and chocolate was in. I still like those dresses - but hate that uniform with a passion. I do think it was very kind of the Lake King Primary to choose blue and red and even more so - that they picked shorts and polo shirts instead of silly little dresses that you have to iron - getting a bit carried away aren't I? Sorry - off on another tangent again, back to the it is...

I've been sorting the studio again - not sure how many to expect tomorrow for the wind-up lunch but it's worth the effort to have everything so neat and tidy.

Must go and vacuum then fall into bed. Toodle pip!


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen Love the layout - nothing out dated about those papers, they suit the layout perfectly and that's what counts. School uniforms - mine was grey and bottle green!
Cheers Ann

Gayle Smith said...

yeh I quite like my kids uniforms..mostly navy with a dash of gold.
Cool layout..have fun cooking!