Saturday, December 8, 2007


I promise I'm not being a slacker! I really miss scrapping and blogging so hang in there...I will be back in full swing asap. I've been on another shopping trip (food) because the boys are still harvesting - not sure how long to go but still going - maybe a week or two. I'm having withdrawals because I haven't been in my studio for the last few days. I did get some stock in on Wednesday - some Making Memories Noteworthy papers and glitter embellishments. They are to die for in my opinion. I've always loved office stationery and this range is exactly what it reminds me of but its even yummier and I had to start a layout straight away which I'll show when I'm finished.

I'm currently setting up a new computer I bought yesterday. I'm quite illiterate when it comes to these things but I'll figure it out eventually and it will make posting on my blog and other things so much easier. My dinosaur (old computer) has a constant hum which has got louder of late and the screen is fading. It's as slow as dial-up even with satellite internet and full of crap which I don't know how to clean off - so it was time for a newy. I wont know myself when I've changed over fully!

I'm expecting the men home tomorrow (they've been on another farm for 2 weeks) so I'm preparing for an onslaught of hunger and the endless cooking to come. I think I'll sign off and have a slack back tomorrow with photos of new stock and a layout - hopefully!

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