Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Storage Solutions

As promised I photographed some storage items today to show you how I store supplies for both home use and travel. There are a lot of photos so this will be a long post!
Firstly, I just received my Making Memories Desktop Caddy that I ordered yonks ago. I have seen these in Magazines and always wanted one. I am so wrapped with it. You can fit quite a bit into it. I have one more in stock if any of you desire one. It's $79.90. I can order more if more than one of you want one.

Also as far as tool storage goes the old time favourite All My Memories Tool Bag is a ripper for travelling scrappers. It retails at $59 and I have these 2 on special for $40 each plus a small one for just $20.

Cropper Hopper make a tool centre that's pretty good.

Then there's paper storage. There are a lot of options but my favourite for home and mobile usage is the Cropper Hopper paper tote that is like a mobile 12 x 12 filing cabinet I have one in stock. They are $99 and they are hard to get because they are so popular.

Ribbons can be messy when they are not stored right. I use a Birch embroidery floss storage container and floss cards. They are compact and inexpensive.

Also I discovered these Cropper Hopper ribbon roll storage containers. They are fiddly to set up but are great for pulling out what you need for a project and they come in different sizes for different size ribbon rolls.

One of my best finds was this Cropper Hopper photo box which is the perfect size for Heidi Swapp chipboard letters - if you have them in every font and colour! This box is $15.95.

Then there's the Cropper Hopper Zip n Flip for small embellishments. It's handy for flat packing embellies and the pages fit a 3 ring file that I got at a stationery store. I also fit doodling templates in the same file.

Stickers are a tricky one. I've tried everything! I like the Clip it Up sticker storage for home and also the Cropper Hopper Shelve It range which I use to display stickers in my shop. For mobile storage I recommend a divided A4 expanding file or a good ol' shoe box!

Thats all for today but theres more for later and a layout to share tomorrow. Bye.


Gayle Smith said...

Hey Karen...great ideas here.
Now, would the cropper hopper zip and flip fit acrylic stamps in autumn leaves flourishes etc. Thats the sort of thing I had invisaged but haven't seen one yet..what do you think? And I love the idea of the photo box for the HS chipboard...

Sharon Manning said...

Great ideas Karen - particularly if you are a mobile scrapper!
Sharon xxx

Karen said...

Thanks girls! Yes Gayle I think the clear stamps would fit inside the Zip n Flip. It comes with 2 sets and the pockets measure a fraction under 3 and half inches by 4 and a half inches each. There are 16 pockets per sleeve and a set of 2 is $29.95. Good thinking 99. Yes the photo box was a good find too.