Friday, May 23, 2008


I did 2 layouts yesterday and couldn't come up with a title for one and the title for the other one took hours, literally, and it still didn't look right so I'm starting it again for the fourth time. I'm having trouble with the Cricut cutting letters that are small enough for a long title - it wont do it so I've reverted back to letter stickers but don't quite have enough. I ended up with such a headache that I gave up in frustration in the end and decided to leave it for another day. I do take it all a bit seriously don't I? But you know when you can picture something in your mind but then cannot reproduce the idea? Well that's how it is for these 2 layouts. So when I've got over the hurdle and completed them I'll show and tell.

I mentioned earlier that we have finished seeding which is a wonderful thing, but my dream of never seeing a container again has been smashed. Throughout the last few weeks I've been sending out packed lunches in Chinese takeaway containers and when they ran out I was sending Tupperware out and then there were none left and although it was frustrating having none left, I didn't really mind....but they are all coming back..and their breeding...I have so many to wash that I've run out of dish washing liquid! They have been stashed in vehicles and machinery all over the property and they bred and now they are returning...thank the Lord for dishwashers! Sorry...I'm being a drama queen aren't I?!

I'm off to Newdegate again next Wednesday, the 28th of May for classes...cant wait to see the girls over there.

Also, I'm going to some trade classes in Brisbane in a few weeks which I'm very excited about and cant wait to see some new products and ideas, and see whats happening in the wide wide world of scrapbooking, outside my own small nook. We are going as a family and are looking forward to the break.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post - its so good to hear from visitors.

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Lissy said...

well you could be tough and tell them if they don't bring the containers back they don't get a meal the next at least you are getting some pages done! I am managing nothing at the moment!