Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day... all you Mums out there - you deserve a medal! I was thinking about how undeserving I was of celebrating mothers day and then I got to thinking about all the little things that a mother does and knows. For example, my DH (dear husband) babysat the kids yesterday while I was in Ravensthorpe and he did a great job...apart from watching them and cleaning up after them and so on. I found a teddy in my toilet, almost immersed in water, and the whole roll of toilet paper unwound, and a plastic toy sitting on the lamp light bulb slowly melting, and many other minor details. Of course, the State of Origin football match was gripping and could not be disrupted by seeing what the kids were up to. So I do deserve a special day even if its just to celebrate the little things I know and do. I may not earn millions, and achieve great things but my kids are happy and healthy and I guess I have something to do with that.

My Mothers Day wish was to have our yard tidied up and my wish was granted - it looks a million bucks compared to what it was...oh and then there's the Pandora charms I bought myself on Matt's behalf (he told me too).

I had time to scrap (a little) and I managed to finish yesterdays layout and another I had been working on for a while. They are both older photos but I felt inspired to record the moments. Firstly I have this one to share of Jett as a 6 month old - gosh that seems so long ago! I used Bazzill Bling, K & Co stickers and Lil' Davis chipboard scalloped frames.

Then there's this one of Phoebe in our canola crop. I've had these photos for ages and thought I'd do something with them. I hardly ever use purple but these photos looked so good on it - a contrast. I used my favorite new product - K & Co silhouette stickers - they are TDF. Crop-checking is a favorite family pastime - we've done it for as long as Matt and I have been together. We check their progress and boy, do we love it - when they are looking good! I have many stories I could tell about crop-checking. This is one of them although I have not incorporated journaling yet - not sure how I'll do that.

Hopefully this week will be a bit more settled than the last and I'll get back into some sort of routine and find time to scrap a bit. I have loads of ideas. Bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

i love both of those layouts and the purple is awsome! Matt sound like he is in the same world as Gav when it comes to looking after the kids in footy season, It makes mothersday more worth while, Glad your feet are on the ground a little more for a new week,