Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Funny story

Last Thursday I did a trip to Hyden with a load of stock and noticed that the tyres on my trailer were worn. Upon telling Matt about it when I got home, he said the tyres would be fine. Sure enough Friday morning as I set out - an hour late - only 30kms down the road a tyre blew on my trailer which was fully loaded with stock (one of the few times I'm right). Fortunately the men were not far behind and they proceeded to replace the blown tyre. While fetching the spare tyre we discovered that we had a very capable and keen helper come to the rescue....

...isn't that adorable?!

After having such a great weekend, unpacking all day yesterday, working my way through a mountain of washing, driving 350km+ to take Phoeb's to school and picking up the last load of stuff from Hyden today, I am now officially stuffed and need a day off. Unfortunately a mother does not have an off button but I will be putting my feet up tomorrow and resting a little. Fortunately I am inspired by all the creativity that was circulating at the retreat and I'm ready to sink my teeth into some layouts. I've got so many ideas for my classes coming up at Ravensthorpe on the 12th of April and Newdegate on the 30th of April. Maybe I can combine rest and scrapbooking tomorrow (if the kids will let me) and kill two birds with one stone. Don't worry...the kids and I have had some Mummy time. Phoebe and I had a ball cooking piklets on Monday morning and Jett had fun eating them all!

I must mention how well the tutors; Alli, Sharon and Gayle did at the weekend - they were inspirational. And Jo - our cook - did a stirling job! If you'd like to see photos of how the weekend went visit the girls blogs (right side top). I didn't get to take many photos as I was pretty busy but they have done justice to it anyway.

Ta ta.


Sharon Manning said...

Congratulations Karen - you are amazing! What an awesome weekend had by all and the organising was second to none.
Hopefully you can find some time to have a rest and put your feet up. Make sure you take some time out for YOU.
Love Sharon xoxoxoxoxo

Karen said...

Thank you Darling!

Anonymous said...

well done sharon and thankyou, it was a great week-end its such a shame it is all history. can't wait till october and get some more ideas happening. hope you are resting today, i know i was a bit puffed and i just showed up and scrapped!
thanks you did a awesome job,

Anonymous said...

thanks again karen, great week-end
rest up
great time,great place and great people
jackie B