Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time for story telling...

I found time to scrap today once Phoebe was at school and Jett was asleep. I finished an easy layout that shouldn't have taken long but I spent too much time choosing letters. Procrastinator. My Mum and I walked out on to her patio the other day to discover the kids climbing up the lattice which is almost 20 years old. Of course I freaked but the scrapbooker in me had to get a few photos before we told them "DANGER! Get down from there", trying not to smirk.

I started another layout of Phoebe climbing the lattice too but had to go back to school to pick her up. By then she was dissolving into tears at the drop of a hat - tired girl after such a big week!

I received the new range of Scenic Route papers and embellishments and they are awesome. They will be perfect for my Cocos Island photos. I can remember the days when there used to be sooo much girly paper and not enough boyish or masculine stuff. Well there's certainly quite a bit of it now days - this range has a camouflage paper which will be very useful. The colours of this range are very intense - beautiful in my humble opinion.

Thanks to all of you who have been leaving comments. I love it so much when you leave your mark. I was beginning to wonder, with over 2000 hits, who was reading my blog! Thanks especially for all the kind comments about the are all wonderful.

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