Saturday, April 12, 2008

Devastating news...

Normally I wouldn't share news like this in such a public way, but I know alot of you who read my blog know that my brother, Dean, was diagnosed with Leukaemia in June 2006, 2 days after my son Jett was born, and have been interested in his progress since then. After undergoing chemo for 6 months he was cleared and has been in remission...or so we thought. Recently he has not been well - extremely sore and swollen joints, bruising and nasty flu's etc. As you would expect we have been concerned but hoping that the cancer doesn't rear its ugly head again. Dean told me a week ago that he thought he'd relapsed and would see his doctor to confirm it. Test results came through on Thursday that his white cell count is very low which indicates that the Leukaemia is back. He will undergo bone marrow tests on Monday and diagnosis and treatment will follow. The specialist who has taken care of Dean's case has indicated that they have a bone marrow donor match. It's easy to speculate on what will happen from here, but we will take it one step at a time. Fortunately I have had a quiet week and have been able to come to terms with the fact that we are going through this again. This time we are more prepared than we were when he was originally diagnosed. Being a little prepared is only a small consolation - it's not easy when a sibling or close family member faces terminal illness. I will find strength to get through this again and most of all I want to be there for Dean and his amazing wife, Cassi, one of the most profoundly amazing women I know. And then there is their two little guys - Asher and Maddox, who were young enough the first time to not be too affected by Dean's illness and hopefully it falls like water off a ducks back this time too.
I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who showed support to me and my family when we faced this earlier on - it makes all the difference knowing people care. I do believe in the Power of Prayer to God who is sovereign. I will be praying my way through this and would appreciate any of you who believe, to do the same. I know Dean's case is not isolated and that there are many people out there who suffer terminal illness and many who don't survive. I know alot of you have been affected first hand by the ugly disease - cancer. I said recently at the Hyden retreat that it's not just finding a cure that is important to cancer sufferers - but support as well. Dean was very fortunate to benefit from financial support as well as emotional support from people all over the world and even some who had never met him. Due to generosity Dean and Cassi did not lose their house and to be honest, did not go without anything while going through treatment. I'm passionate about supporting people in time of need. Tonight we are off to a 'Be Brave and Shave' night in Lake King being held for a beautiful women and friend who is currently going through chemo herself. We cannot do enough for people like this.
I'll keep you posted.

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Lissy said...

Gee Karen I am sorry to hear this news and only hope that treatment goes well - Lis