Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching up...

I've been busy in the retched office again the last few days so haven't been blogging or scrapping until today. I have been doing a little on my holiday album that I will show when it's finished.

I'm not thrilled with my last 2 layouts so I'm wondering if I'm running out of creative juices or whether this office work is draining them. This is one of them, a layout about Jett reaching the stage of getting into things. The photos are a year old and I always find it harder to scrap them, than recent photos. I am trying to go back though and fill in the gaps.

Also, I did this layout a couple of weeks ago and didn't want to show it until its finished, but here it is anyway. All I have to add is 'heart-felt' journaling. I wanted to explain a few things to Phoebe about how we clash at times because we are so much alike but that I still love her so much and love her beautiful personality and soul. She really is a such a wonderful little girl and I'm afraid that she wont know I have always felt that way so I hope when she is older she discovers this journalling and knows how I really feel. I always look at her just before I go to bed at night and realise how lucky I am. My Auntie had a little girl just like Phoebe - very full-on and in-your-face at times and very loud. She looks at Phoeb's and sees her daughter all over again and says to me "she may be full-on and hard work now but will make an amazing high achieving adult who gets things done" which is how her daughter turned out. I used Cosmic Cricket Hey Sugar papers which I love, with Heidi Swapp large florals.
I'm off to Newdegate tomorrow to see my good friends over there for a class. I'm in need of some girl company of the scrapping kind so it will be food for my soul. Toodle Pip!

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Anonymous said...

nice work Karren, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Kids! they try us but ahah how lucky are we!
Love is so simple to them