Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brrrr..but its nice to be home...

It's so cold right now and very wet here - for which we are thankful. Although I love to create, teach and inspire others and all that goes with it like taking my truck and trailer and family all over to bring scrapbooking to rural areas, I do love a few days at home to rest and find time to create and keep house. I'm enjoying time with my kids and trying to get over this flu. I'm also nursing my husband who has a wog of some sort. Men seem to need so much TLC when they are sick...i guess that's why we have to be so strong at times.

I have photos to show of the mini album I made to show to the Condy girls. I actually made the album for Phoebe, for the photos of her 5th birthday party which we are having in September. She has decided on a butterfly theme so I am busily putting together bits and pieces for her party to make it special. We don't have big parties every year but this year is a milestone as she is turning five and will have a party with school friends for the first time. I decorated the felt bag to put the album in by attaching felt butterflies and embroidering a little. It's so cute and she will love it. So here it is...

I am also making a mini travel album which I will finish soon and do some workshops demonstrating construction techniques.

I've been making invitations (for the first time) for my Mum's birthday in August. I kept it very simple and used pre-cut cards that come in a pack and are beautiful colours. I then made a template in Word, the same size as the card and once I had come up with a message I put the cards through the printer, and the envelopes as well. I printed multiple copies of a small photo of my Mum as a child to put in the invitations which had a window. I love how classy they are and easy they were to make. I don't think I'll ever have to buy a card or invitation again now that I can get the desired result by making them myself. I'm stoked.

That's all for today folks. I'm off to Newdegate tomorrow, then Ravensthorpe the day after. I'll hopefully have time on the weekend to do some more creating...til then...adios!


Sharon Manning said...

Gosh you are a busy girl Karen, I wish I had your stamina.
That mini album and bag looks stunning and next time I need an invitation I know who to turn to - they look amazing!!!!!
Have a safe trip to Newdegate and Ravensthorpe.

Lissy said...

Yes very busy I the bag and mini album :)

Gayle Smith said...

Great creations Karen! Those little felt bags are soooo cute. Might have to buy one and make a mini album like yours if you have any at the next retreat...have to get in faster this time!
And those invite are so gorgeous...and so quick...great job!