Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reporting from Christmas Island.

Hi everybody! Just thought I'd update you on how things are going in the land of the vacationers. We arrived at Christmas Island on Sunday afternoon and were hit by the intense humidity straight away. Unfortunately the weather has been bad - mostly thunderstorms big swell and windy but we are enjoying ourselves none-the-less. We have been exploring rainforests and the coastline, having day sleeps and experiencing chinese culture - all good. I'm not rubbing it in - just sharing how wonderful it is. I think Christmas is Australias best kept secret and everyone should try to go at least once in a lifetime. The only way to describe it without seeing it for yourself is that it is just like the Island in the movie 'Jurasic Park'. It's breath-taking to say the least. I'll try to upload photos sometime - there's only dial-up here I think so its extremely slow! I hope your all well and good. I'll report again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Nice of you to think of us while you are on vacation. Look forward to seeing the photos when you can get loaded. Have a great time!