Friday, February 29, 2008

A layout to share...

I've been busily cleaning my scrapbook studio again and sorting through stock to top-up on supplies for the coming retreat. Once most things were cleaned and put in their homes I sat down to do a layout which only took about half an hour. It's my March layout for the calendar I'm currently working on (even though the event did not take place in March - I'm not too fussed about it). The layout is Phoebe's first day of Kindy. I made it to match the layout I did in November about her Orientation day. (shocking photo of the layout I'm afraid)

I have news...I now have all the classes in for the retreat and I can show you what we'll be doing to wet your appetite. I'll be sending out class requirements, to those you have sent their applications, over the weekend.

Firstly, Sharon Manning's classes ( 2 classes - 1 Off the page and 1 single page layout) are ready and here are the sneak peaks...

I'll upload Gayle and Alli's sneak peaks soon.

I hope your having a nice Friday or that it gets better!

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