Friday, February 22, 2008

No MORE rest for the wicked!

That's right, enough rest for now. I'm home and faced with the onslaught of work that needs to be done. Dont get me wrong, I'm not complaining...I've never been more ready for it. I feel like a new woman, rejuventated and ready for a big year.
What a wonderful holiday we had. My last post told of how things were going and how the weather was a bit rough but let me tell you that was just the beginning! We were hit by cyclonic weather less than a week into our time on Christmas Island and it was magnificent to watch but kept us a bit housebound. It caused us to rest but the disappointment was that it was too rough for diving so I didnt get to fulfill my dream of swimming with a whale-shark. Matt tells me he would like to go back in August 2009 for his 30th birthday so the dream is still alive and may be fulfilled at a later date. On the day we were due to leave Christmas the weather cleared and we were able to fly to the Cocos Islands for a few days. The weather was perfect there and we lazed on the beaches with the kids and had the most amazing family time in breathtaking surroundings. Here's some pics...

On the scrapbooking front, applications for the retreat are rolling in and there are loads of girls booked in already. It's going to be a great retreat. The tutors are madly working on class projects and I should have requirements and photos for you by the end of the month. I havent had local scrapping days due to being away but they crank up again next Tuesday. On Wednesday the 27th of February I'll be in Newdegate for a class - just working on class projects at the moment. A little bit of stock came in while I was away, 2 new ranges from Kand Co - Wild Saffron and Peppermint Twist. I only got a couple of things in each range due to backorders still outstanding but what I do have is gorgeous. I cant wait to find time to try all this stuff out.

Thats all for today folks!


Alli said...

looks like you have some great photos to scrap now Karen :) glad you had a great time

Gayle Smith said...

ohhh....I see some beautiful pages coming on with tose gorgeous photos!