Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I scrapped!

I snuck in a little scrapbooking on Saturday morning and came up with this single and a double about Phoebe's dance concert that she participated in recently. As a little girl Phoeb's always loved to dance and when we moved to Hyden from the farm we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her to pursue her love of dancing. She isn't obsessive about it but loves her teacher's (Betty) laid back approach and fits right in with all the other little girls who are just their for the love of the idea and a bit of fun. Phoebe's dance debut started on Melbourne cup day in front of 100 or so people which was followed but a second performance for the old time dancing group, then lastly the community concert for Early Tapping Studio. We laughed so hard i must admit at the little girls trying to remember their routines (I know it sounds mean but you had to be there!) and it was a very enjoyable night - the girls shone like little stars. Here in these layouts I have used a Fancy Pants range called Little Dancer which I think suits the theme, especially for little girls who are just starting out.

Other than that I've been busy with giftware for Christmas shoppers but have started on a kit of the month project which will start in February using Collections products and a 18" x 18" canvas. Keep your eye out for more info on this in the new year as we will be mailing out kits as well as doing classes in store.

Talk to you before Christmas day...Bye.

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Anonymous said...

love the layouts Karen and can't wait to see the kits when they come out - sounds exciting!