Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you. I hope its safe and memorable. I am on a brief weekend break in Esperance with my family - no plans or engagements - just there's only 6 sleeps to go til the retreat! Yes that's right, I need all the rest I can get as I'll be flat out this week and next weekend. I'm so excited...we have 52 guests attending the retreat - the most we've ever had. I cant wait! Matt and I are busy drawing up plans of how to set up the hall to fit everyone in comfortably...gee he's a good husband isn't he?!

As far as Easter goes, the Easter bunny visited Phoebe's school on Thursday and left huge footprints through her classroom and eggs in her draw - how cute is that? I was amazed when I arrived at school to pick her up and discovered what had happened - no wonder school is one big field day to her! I'm planning an egg hunt tomorrow - haven't done one before. I'm going to follow the kids around with the camera - a scrapbook moment of course! I've even thought of what the kids will wear so the photos are just right - crazy Mama, I know. I hope I can pull it off.

I hope I have some photos to share soon - I wish I could fit in an Easter layout before the retreat..we'll see.

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