Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm feeling incredibly patriotic tonight on the eve of Australia Day 2011. How fortunate are we...to live in a country so free. I will not down play the devastation Australia has experienced lately with floods in WA, QLD and Victoria, and fires that have devastated many...but what I LOVE is the Australian spirit that prevails when Aussies pick up the pieces, band together and clean-up, fix-up and most of all cheer-up. We are so resilient and strong as a nation, the Great South land of the Holy Spirit. I was not always patriotic but as I grow older and see strong hard working and resilient aussies rise up I become incredibly proud but more importantly, grateful at how fortunate we are. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY everyone! Love you all!
I can see some Australia Day layouts coming on as we celebrate tomorrow...we are in Albany WA and hope to make the most of it here with the locals. Have a BONZA day!

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