Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little to share...

Thought I should share the layouts I did for my last class in Newdegate. I used 3 ranges of paper with coordinating embellishments and all three almost sold out. I have reordered the ranges to put back in stock. Here are some of the layouts. Firstly the Vita Bella range by Little Yellow bicycle...

...and the Zach's life range also by Little Yellow Bicycle which is not new but very popular and versatile.

Also, I thought I'd show the party favour boxes I used for Phoebe's party. I cannot take the credit for these. They are pre-made by K & Co and they are to die for. There are a few styles and I used 2 - one for the girls and one for the boys. I filled the girls with fairy lip balm, butterfly stickers and a bracelet. The boys got dinkies and car stickers. All the kids loved them.

I did make the invites with pre-cut cards that I stamped and embossed, embellished with 3d stickers and typed the message inside on the computer. They are simple but cute. I love making my own invitations now - something I haven't ventured into before.

Then there's the party girl in her butterfly outfit with her Jesse and Woody dolls we gave her for her birthday (the kids love Toy Story 2). It was so much fun and I loved making it a themed party with all the trims including the butterfly cake with candles that had coloured flames!

I was hoping to get into the studio today to do a layout so here's hoping. I'll have to dust off my stuff its been so long! Thanks for looking.

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Anonymous said...

love the birthday bitz, sad but true how old phobe is
love those green to