Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hi there folks, I'm back in the land of the living once again...finally! I've had a couple of huge weeks and it was very successful. I was in Newdegate this last week for the annual field days and had a ball meeting new scrappers and chatting to old ones. Many thanks to my friend Ann who helped man the shop and did a little shopping herself! I was exhausted, but elated with how it went. Previous to that I was in Perth for my Mums birthday and that was a great success as well. Mum enjoyed a low key family gathering at Kings Park overlooking the city of Perth, eating fantastic food and enjoying great company. Happy Birthday Mum - you are a gem! If any of you wonder how I manage all that I do, I have one very inspiring role model who is the mother of organisation and has fit a lot into her life - Mum. (OK Mum, I'll stop going on now!)

My Phoebe turned 5 on Friday and we managed a party at home with friends. She had the time of her life dressed as a butterfly, flitting around and enjoying all the attention - wonder where she gets that from? My husband always turns to me and says "APPLE - TREE" which is derived from the saying "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and I always turn to him and say "there's more than one tree!". I made a few bits and pieces for her party which I'll show when I upload the photos.

Also on a personal note, my brother Dean who has been battling with Luekaemia has just had about 8 weeks break since he was released from hospital. He has been gaining strength and weight - in preparation for a bone marrow transplant which will take place this week. I cant believe it has finally come around. This transplant, if successful, is his ticket to immunity for life from the disease. The next 6 weeks are critical and may be brutal but hopefully it will all be worth it and he will be on the road to recovery and a happy and healthy life. I have been making the most of his wellness in the last few weeks, spending time with our family and making more great memories together. Hence the reason I've been a bit slack on the blog posts. Spending time on what matters most. Dean and Cassi are very positive and have faith that they will get through this and that Dean has many more years ahead. I am gaining strength and faith too. Thanks again to those of you have been concerned and supportive.

I have bits and pieces of new stock coming in dribs and drabs, some of which I wont show yet as we are preparing for the October retreat with new products and great ideas and techniques. I am so looking forward to this retreat. We'll be showing sneak peaks in the coming weeks.

I hope you all have a great week and I'll post again soon with pictures...I promise!

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