Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've been everywhere man....

This time to Geraldton for a family break. 5 days in total which is not long, but long enough. I feel as though I haven't been home for a month so I wasn't at all disappointed to be coming home. It's a bit like that at this time of year, otherwise you have to sit and wait for rain which is like watching paint dry in the last couple of years. Cant complain though, the crops are looking pretty good, which is fortunate. I spent the first 4 days while we were away battling the stomach wog. I was looking for the silver lining, hoping I would loose a couple of kilos but it didn't work. Oh well.

So i dusted of my supplies yesterday and had a crack at scrapbooking. I started to finish off a layout but I still haven't finished! I will get it done this week I hope. I've had lots of jobs to catch up being to stock up for the retreat. I have had a look at a couple of class projects that the girls have been working on and they are great - very diverse. I'll be sending out class requirements very soon.

During one of my rare days at home this month I put up a new shelf to store some of my supplies. Its a cute Making Memories shelf that I pre-ordered a while ago. I felt that I needed to get stuff up in a decent eye shot view so I could use things up. It seems that when things are stored in boxes you tend not to use them as much. This little beauty costs around $180 and has to be pre-ordered, if anyone is interested drop me a line at

I also got a cube unit from Officeworks to hold my personal supplies. I love the size and it feels great to have everything within easy access. I cannot get started with scrapbooking until my stuff is in order, but then once I'm on a roll it starts to get very messy, but I don't clean up until I'm done or out of creative juices.

My brother, Dean, is having his transplant tonight so I'm praying all goes well. We wont know for a few weeks how effective it is, so although it will be painful waiting for the result we will just hope and pray for the best.

Hopefully I will have a layout to share sometime this week. Thanks for looking.


Gayle Smith said...

Wow you supplies and storage units are amazing Karen! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Thanks for telling us about Dean..we are praying too.

Lissy said...

All your supplies look very organised!
i shall be thinking of you all tonight :)

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well for Dean. Love your new storage and new look blog. Will talk soon

Anonymous said...

Loving the new look.