Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My baby is 5...

Jett Dean Smith turned 5 yesterday! I cant believe he is so big now. I asked him to stay little forever so I can always kiss his chubby cheeks but he wants to grow up. I'll miss his littleness. We had so much fun recently looking through our videos from when the kids were babies and toddlers and nearly wet our pants laughing at some of the things they used to do. It's amazing how you thank goodness for videos, photos and SCRAPBOOKING (of course) that reminds us of all those awesome things they used to do. I especially love hearing them talk on videos and cant wait for someone to invent a way of hearing and seeing videos IN scrapbooks!

We had an awesome party at home with heaps of his friends. He had a blast. I have some catching up to do for birthday layouts so I'll have to get my A into G and start scrappin' away - so watch out for some birthday themed layouts.


Lissa said...

Happy Birthday Jett! How are you Karen? I agree with putting video and sound into our albums - how cool would that be? I have hours of footage that I LOVE watching and so do the kids. Thinking of you this week xx

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Jett Dean!!
With the videos in albums, put the memories on a DVD and slip it into an envelope on the page :)
See you soon Jett for my Jett cuddles :D