Friday, February 4, 2011

365 Project...

I have been totally inspired by Ali Edwards 365 Project for years now and after reading up on what Sharon Manning has taken on this year in that department, I have decided I am finally ready to give it a go myself. I am taking a photo (or several) everyday for a year and putting them into a journal that has 365 pages that I got from Kikki -K. The thing I love about this project and this journal is that you dont have to start on the 1st of January, you can start anywhere you like. I started on the 29th of January when I received my journal and have taken photos everyday, which I am so pleased about. It's about time I got that camera out and started using it more, and trying out the new techniques I learnt in a camera course I attended last year. The kids are getting in on the act and taking a few photos with my camera for me so I am in some of the photos and they are very obliging when i ask them to pose...wonder how long that will last?!

My baby, Jett, started Pre-Primary this year so is full time at school and loving it! I am loving it too as I knew he was ready. Phoeb's is in Year 2 and also loving's a nice time of year for us.
So needless to say i have some ideas for a 'first day of school' layout and I have some Valentines Day layouts on the go as well so will show when they are done. Thanks for popping over! BTW check out Lynne Herbert...she is on fire with card making at the moment!

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