Monday, April 6, 2009

Time to check in...and my BIG news...

Checking in from a very long break from the blog. The last few weeks have been difficult to say the least but I'm back with an update.

The retreat was a huge success. I thought I would have to leave at one stage because my brother was so unwell but I ended up being there for it all. The tutors blew us away again with great classes. It is so frustrating that photos of layouts do not do them justice but the results of the classes were amazing with some awesome versions of the samples and most girls frantically doing more than one layout from each class. I am so glad it all went well and that all the girls - new and old comers - enjoyed it. We did miss a few regulars, however Bernadette - one of our regular entertainers who was away - featured in a story from Sally - the other regular entertainer - that had us nearly wetting our pants. Ann and Donna were checking in by text and phone to see how things were going. We missed you all girls, and Margaret who is far far away in NZ (lucky thang!). Kim started a trend a few years ago when she brang her leather office chair and although she was not there (miss you) her trend was carried through by others who were there with their office chairs - this is serious stuff after all and a girls gotta be comfortable! (Sorry to mention names but some of you have become notorious!)
So my news is (and lots of you already know) that I am opening a shop in Hyden! I have dreamed of this for so long and it has now become a reality - a scrapbook shop of my own. I have enjoyed the lifestyle of being a mobile scrapbook shop for the last 4 and a half years but now it is time to put in all on display. I have an amazing shop that has heaps of character and most importantly - space! I have been unpacking new furniture and shop fittings over the last few days and I'm so excited I dream about it in my sleep. It has been a welcome distraction to a difficult time. I'm still pinching myself at my fortune though to be living in such a great town with so many lovely people and now a SCRAPBBOOK SHOP. In my haste to assemble furniture today I forgot to take some 'before' photos of the shop but I did capture this photo the other day of my new cash register when it arrived. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted a cash register of my own (this may sound strange, I know) and now I have one that prints out my business name etc. and it is so satisfying. Small pleasures. I will keep you updated on progress of the shop as I go. I open on Tuesday the 14th of April and will have an official opening after the school holidays with a bottle of bubbly. Yeehah!
On a personal note....Dean is doing better this week, finally, but it is a long road ahead and although the outlook is not good we remain hopeful. I spent 3 amazing days with him last week and some very special moments in that time with our older brother Paul - too personal to speak of - but very special indeed.
So I'll leave you with this message, that life is short and too short to not say what needs to be said or done, even if it's hard to do or say. Love to you all.


Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR THE RETREAT Karen. Can't wait to visit your shop, and glad its a dream coming true.
Have a great easter and take care

Condi Scrappers said...

Hi Karen,
I had an awesome time at the retreat, THANKS!!! Look forward to the next one! All the best with the SHOP, Karen.

Gayle said...

Well I will be there at the opening Karen! Its the same day we are traveling down to Esperance so we will do a slight detour :) See ya soon.

Sharon Manning said...

It was a fantastic retreat (as always!) and your shop is amazing as are you. I wish you all the best for your new venture. Lots of love. Sharon xoxo

Justine said...

Oh Karen I am so thrilled for you and know that you will do are that kind of person. Congratulations!!! I have been thinking of you and you family often and your words bring tears to my eyes....I continue with my positive thoughts for you all.

Justine xxx