Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish all my clients, friends and viewers a very
I hope it is successful and safe for you all.

There is no limit to what you can do apart from what you limit yourself from doing in your mind - so throw off your own limitations and go for it! I have so many goals I want to achieve this year and I love to start the year with them in mind so I know what I'm working towards, especially when it requires really hard work, I need to keep the end goal in mind so I don't flag and give up. Nothing worth having comes easily so I'm expecting some hard slog along the way. I think I'm up to it!

One thing I want to do it learn to manage my time better - in fact I think I have had this goal for a few years now and although I think I've improved I can always do better. There are so many demands on us these days with the hectic pace of life so if I have a plan in place I may achieve all, or most, of what I need to I'm starting with a new calendar and a new diary and I'm going to plan my heart away. Matt and I always do a review of the past year financially in January and then plan for the coming year. Its a challenge but it gives us a much clearer view of where we are going and where we have come from, what we have done well at and not so well at.
I love this time of year.

My new calendar is a desktop type that comes in kit form by K & Company. I constructed mine last week and now I can go ahead and fill in the planner and add photos as the months go by. I love this calendar and I think it will inspire me to scrap or to think about scrapping if I don't have time for it! Here it is...

I have been scrapping my little heart out this week in between cleaning and sorting the house and scrapbook room. I have a few layouts almost finished so I'll share when they are done. I'm really excited about them!
Anyway, have a great day and great year. Be back soon...

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