Friday, December 19, 2008

Layouts to share...

Well I found my creative juices recently and have been scrapping my heart out - when I'm not doing a billion other things like driving the harvester, cooking, cooking, cooking, looking after my kids (debatable) and ferrying men around the farm. True, I have had to drive the harvester which is quite therapeutic (when the kids aren't in there with me). Here's a pic...

Anyway, I have been scrapbooking with K and Co ranges because I love them and because of the inspiration I got from Lynette Carroll. I finished the layout I did in her class, then I came up with my own simpler version for a starter class while I wait on stock for the original layout. I am sooo happy with these layouts. It has brought me back to paying more attention to detail and putting in a bit more effort to do intricate stuff instead of the simple layouts I've been producing lately.
This first layout is the one I did with Lynette. Its a beautiful layout with a lot of detail and technique. I cant wait to teach this one!
Then there's my version with some of those techniques and a different sketch and paper range. I'm quite pleased with it! I'll post the dates for the classes after Christmas when I have a schedule worked out, along with the dates for the Cricut class.
I mentioned to some of you at some recent classes that Matt and I have sown a summer crop of sunflowers. I have been checking its progress and it turns out that the bunnies and kangaroos love the sunflower seedlings - apparently they taste good - but we still have quite a few and here's a pic of them taken today. In late February/early March these will be in full flower and will be a stunning sight to see. If it is, I will let you know as some of you are keen to come and take photos. I cant wait to frolic in the crop with the kids!
We are about one day off finishing harvest which is a wonderful thing. Then we are off to finish Christmas shopping and food shopping. We are having our first Christmas in Varley so I have been decorating a little more than usual - nothing too fancy though . My family are coming to spend Christmas with us. Dean is doing well so we are grateful that we will be having Christmas together and hopefully will have some more wonderful memories to remember. It is 3 months since Deans transplant and although it has been difficult at times for him things are looking good so far.
I'll be back with more projects to share soon. Thanks for looking!

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Gayle Smith said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those Layouts Karen!!!!!!!! THey are stunning!
Can't wait to see the sunflowers too!