Monday, December 21, 2009

The silly season...

That's what they call it! and now I know why! Everything is a bit silly at the brain, the kids, the harvest and everything that is going on. I am taking stock at the moment...of life. I have really struggled to get into the spirit of Christmas this year...struggled with the schedule of things to do, places to be, and responsibilities. I get the feeling I'm not the only one. I envy blogger's who are counting down the days with craft projects, taking photos every day, Christmas cooking and all the 'holiday frills' but I am not one of those and I think I am in the majority, not the minority. So how can this be avoided?...i'll tell you next year if I figure it out between now and then.

I lost a friend last week, a guy I've known for nearly 20 years. And the worst thing is that it is now... at Christmas time. And its so much worse for his I've been a bit stunned to say the least.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I realised that my 'lack of Christmas spirit' was not fair on the kids so we got some decorations together and got our nativity ornaments out and did a little decorating on Sunday. I finally got to dress the kids in red and take our annual Christmas photo (which was not that easy as it took quite a bit of coaxing to get the kids to smile at the same time and not pull silly faces!). So hear they are...Phoeb's is till missing her front 2 teeth...there is a hint of a new one!

Despite the dramas I have faced, life has still gone on and stocking the shop for Christmas has been busy but fun. I have loads of new gift ware in...

and new scrapbooking ranges in as well like K & Co Evergreen - the Christmas line which is vintage this year...

...and Greenhouse which is a fun new Eco range that I am dying to do something with... projects are forming in my mind to work on in the new year.

Speaking of the New Year, my mind is buzzing with loads of ideas for next year (its the sleepless nights when I think this stuff up!) so I'll try to keep you informed in January of new ideas and plans for 2010. That's all for back soon.


Lissa Mack said...

Hi Karen,
I too have not been 'into' Christmas either, and like you forced myself to get the old tree out with (for) the kids only last weekend. It's been a tough road lately for us and we are making some major changes next year, in fact it's sad to say but Ewan and I feel more than ready to say goodbye to 2009 and bring on 2010! Cam's death has been such a shock and so sad, I know you would have wanted to be at the funeral so badly and I was thinking of you. It was an amazing service, his families and mates paid an awesome tribute to his colourful life and the beautiful, bold, funny, loving person he was. We may miss catching up with you these holidays as we are heading to Bunbury for 10 days with my folks on Boxing Day (for a well needed break and quality family time) I wish you and Matt and the kids a happy Christmas and the same well deserved rest. Catch up soon. Lissa.

Condi Scrappers said...

Hi Karen,
Don't seem to be able to get into the Christmas thing either! Cam's tragic death has been a shock to us all, especially around Condy and for Teeg's and the Mansell and Brown families. His "farewell" was one the most awesome tributes I have ever been to!!! A beautiful young man who will be sadly missed!

On a brighter note, I enjoy looking up your updates on your blog and all the new things and happenings!!!
Linda Styles