Sunday, February 15, 2009

You make it all worth while...

Those of you who visit my blog make is so worth while keeping up with I am stoked to hear comments that you read and are interested in this blog and knowing that keeps me thank you.
I've not been scrapping as much as I'd like to in the last couple of days but have a few things to show that might be of interest to you.

Firstly, on a scrapbooking note, I have this new shoulder bag for my Cricut Expression - the larger of the Cricut machines - and I love it. I sell them for about $100 and I have been test driving mine and I'm very happy with the results. It is a tight fit though to get the machine into the bag but I don't think this is a bag thing. It has room for the machine and power chord only, not the mat and cartridges etc. but still a good buy.

I have been growing roses for about 4 years here at Varley and I'm very proud to share this bunch I picked the other day...and they smell amazing whenever I walk past them. I love gardening and I'm fortunate enough to have a large garden that is doing quite well at the moment.

On a bigger gardening scale, our sunflower crop are doing very well and has been flowering in the last week. Here's what they look like now. Very novel to have them growing on this scale!

I'm bursting at the seams at the moment with some very exciting news which I cannot share yet, but this year is going to be really exciting for me with some great changes. I cant wait to share them but have to zip it until I have more confirmation on details...aaahhh! this is so hard!
I have a layout screaming at me to finish it so when I have school stuff ready I'll go and get to it. Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

hello, great to see your back... you will be in the school groove in no time and it will just all fit in some how. You sound like things are great for you, good stuff!!! whatever it is you sound happy.very important.
looking forward to a catch up soon
jackie xx

nadene said...

Oh those roses are just beautiful - nature creates some wonderful things for us to appreciate doens' it!
I am sure I can smell them from here.
Sounds like you will be 'smelling roses' of a different sort soon - good luck
☺ nadene

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen

Love the sunflower crop!! And I am very excited about your news!!

Lisa B

Amy said...

OOOOHHHH So inspiring!!! Cant wait to get to that retreat next month :)